Content creation is the craft of writing words that persuade customers to take action — this action can include purchasing a product or making an enquiry about a service. Good copywriting highlights the features and benefits of a product or service and communicates them to a specific target audience with clarity and flair.

No, they’re not. Content creation is a specialist skill, just like carpentry, plumbing or teaching (and some people are more experienced, dedicated and skilled than others).

SEO stands for ‘search engine optimisation.’ Search engine optimised copywriting is copy that’s written specifically for a website (and certain rules apply). This writing can help websites rank better in search engine indexes, receive more traffic and in turn drive more sales and/or business enquiries.

To be an effective SEO copywriter, you need to find a balance between appealing to your audience and the algorithms of search engines.

At its core, content writing is informative – it’s not about making a sale. Content writing can include blog posts for websites, ghost writing, Facebook videos, LinkedIn posts, and more. You’re presenting yourself as an expert in a particular field. By sharing valuable advice and insights, you’ll attract the right audience, create a following, and generate quality leads that can improve your bottom line. (Give me a brief and some bullet points, and I can lift the quality of your content writing).

It really depends on the project. The strategy, target audience, tone of voice and style will differ from one business to the next. What I can say is that my pricing is more than competitive, and there’s a choice of hourly, daily and weekly rates. (I also know how much agencies charge for their ‘in-house’ copywriters, and it’s a lot more than me).

No, I don’t. Charging by the word is an old-school style of pricing. It also emphasises quantity over quality — why bore your readers with 2000 words when 200 absolutely nails the point you’re trying to make?

Absolutely. I’m adaptable and versatile. I work with all sorts of businesses.

Not necessarily, but I can certainly get it heading in the right direction. Anyone who promises they can get your website onto page 1 is telling a porky, or they’re ignorant of how search engines really work. To be on page 1, there are factors outside of fully search engine optimised copy and content writing. This can include the quality of your website’s build (coding) and your website’s backlink profile (domain authority). These factors need to align in order for your website to rise through the ranks. Search engines robots don’t just look at the content on your site. They look at everything. And the more regularly you’re adding content, the better.

Absolutely. Once you’ve approved my writing and paid my final invoice, the rights to the copy belong to you forever.

Of course! I’ve written for clients all over the world. We’re all connected online so it doesn’t matter where you are.


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